Your organization benefits from clear direction at all levels—better decisions, smarter use of resources, less organizational drag. When done right, strategic planning is more than a “check the box” exercise. It gives you and your team an understanding of who your customer is, what they need, and how you deliver value to them. When you know your customer, you can then determine what your priorities are and what you need to do to address them. Just as importantly, you’ll identify what to stop doing that no longer serves your objectives.

At Encounter Strategies, a strategic plan is a foundational call to action for the entire organization. We help you articulate a vision for the future, a path to get you there, and get the buy-in you need across the enterprise.


Your teams make or break your success. When your leadership team is aligned and performing at a high level, you can accomplish anything. When the team is not in alignment—as in, rife with confusion or disagreements about direction and priorities—forward momentum comes to a halt.

Encounter Strategies can help you get your leadership team, and their respective teams, working in concert with each other. Clear on direction, clear on priorities, clear on what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.


Building an organizational infrastructure to support your objectives balances your long-term perspective with your short-term needs.

We will roll up our sleeves next to you to help create teams, processes, and systems that support your objectives. Whether in a one-on-one setting to help clarify your own thinking, helping your teams get key initiatives off the ground, mapping processes, or putting systems in place, Encounter Strategies has a suite of methods and resources to devote to your business needs.


Meetings often involve a high degree of complexity: competing agendas, areas of expertise, and personal preferences. Sometimes, a group can find itself in heated discussions, especially when the stakes are high. Bringing differing or opposing factions together creates opportunity to spark something new, but to do so you need more than just a room and a simple agenda. There’s a degree of skill required to prepare for and design a conversation that increases the likelihood of favorable outcomes.

Encounter Strategies works with leaders to design and facilitate sessions that create dialogue, resolve conflicts, and achieve desired outcomes.